Trendy Shades for the Very Stylish

Looking to sport some trendy shades this upcoming season? Here is a guide to the most stylish sunglasses this year and how to get them.

Years ago Jennifer Lopez made the metallic framed classic aviator sunglasses all the range, by bedazzling the bottom corner of them with a sparkly heart. Another classic style of shades is getting a makeover and it’s on its way to being all the rage in the new year. The plastic framed medium sized Ray-Bans are making a comeback in a big way.

The sunglasses are reminiscent of the ’60s when music artist donned these shades, they also made a comeback in the ’80s and ’90s and technically they have never really gone out of style. However, they are re-debuting keeping the young in mind by coming in bright neon colors and a variety of sizes.

The array of super hot colors like the trendy turquoise, red hot red or retro tortoiseshell, means there is a shade for everyone. The price isn’t too bad compared to the typical $300 price tag of other designer glasses, they come in at around $100 to $250 (for special edition styles).

Buying The Sunglasses

However, not every teen can afford $100 sunglasses. With every hot trend stores will definitely be carrying similar shades in a larger variety of colors and at a more affordable price, usually clocking in at around 20 bucks. That will totally erase the fear of crushing your expensive sunglasses by leaving them on a chair that your friend decides to unknowingly take a seat on. If you hit the trendy fashion street in your city, not the upscale street but the one where the fashion world takes inspiration from, you can find these shades. If you have patience this fashion trend should be trickling into your local mall soon.

Another way to avoid shelling out 100 bucks for these hot shades is to scavenge. When Tom Cruise wore Ray-Bans as he slid across his living room floor in tighty whities and a white collared shirt something happened. The 1983 flick Risky Business made the black plastic Ray-Bans a hit with teens everywhere. This means that at your local thrift store or better yet your own basement/attic there may be a pair of Ray-Bans or ’80s knockoff versions of the iconic shades hiding.

Style Guide

Almost anyone can pull off these sunglasses because in truth they look a bit quirky on every face. Color is another story, those who are a bit adventurous can pull off any color they like, but if you want something that will go with anything and everything stick to the classic, black or tortoiseshell.

They do not offer the absolute best sun protection because they don’t fit in a curve close to the face, indeed they sit farther away allowing the sun to come in from the sides. There is an advantage to this because they do not curve and any prescription can be put into the lens which isn’t possible with a curved sunglass lens. Also, the frame style is great for driving since the sides of the shades sit really high and do not block side vision, allowing for quick checks of your blind spots when driving

Whether you choose to pick up a pair of named brand shades or their $20 counterparts, to be sure you’ll be on trend this upcoming season remember two things: make sure they’re plastic and in a fabulous color.