Recently, I had to do a very quick auto trip up to the New Jersey area. I did not look forward to going anywhere near New York with a car, but my wife insisted that we drive into New York for one day and see an old friend. Believe me, I have never been so glad to get back to Palm Coast. Even with the threat of fires and hurricanes, and “Very Senior Drivers or (VSR’s), it is still heaven here compared to the traffic on the Jersey Turnpike and New York! It is always good to come back home. The drive is not the focus of this column, however. I came upon a couple of interesting recipes from the old campfire outdoor cooking area. The only thing, they were being used by Cracker Barrel, the restaurant people. It started me to thinking that you do need to go on a camping trip to cook up some of the really great recipes that are simple and a lot of fun. The only difference is that you do not need an open fire, use your grill. Not only are these recipes simple, but the kind of things that the family can do together-husband, wife, granddad, grandmother, children, teens, etc.

Campfire Chicken

This is one of the two recipes from the Cracker Barrel menu that started my thinking. They take a half-chicken cut it into pieces and warp it in foil with fresh vegetables. These can be corn-on-the-cob, tomatoes, onion wedges, carrots, and redskin potatoes. All of this is cooked in its natural juices. I would add some chopped garlic, a little salt and pepper and possibly a little olive oil with about a ¼ cup of water or wine vinegar. This should cook up well on a medium hot grill in about 30 minutes or less. Try it a few times and adjust the time to your need. Serve from the tin foil pouch. You may make multiple ones of these so that each person may have his or her own or you can do one for up to four people


This is an old Girl Scout trick. To make Omelettes-in-Bag you will need: 1-2 eggs per person- a little milk for each-add ins you may like: cheese, ham, onions, you get the idea-a large freezer zip-lock bag-Pita Bread (optional)

What You Do: Bring a pan of water to boil. Each person puts 1-2 eggs in a bag and adds a little milk. They can add any other items they like that you have. Squeeze the stuff in the bag to mix it. Be sure it is closed tightly!!!!! Place bags in boiling water and cook until done, about 3-5 minutes. Instant Omelets you can eat right from the bag, or put it in a pita bread for a breakfast sandwich. The best part—no pan to clean!!

Pizza Hot Dish

2 pkg. Crescent rolls

8 oz Shredded Cheddar Cheese

1 jar Pizza Sauce

8 oz Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

1-1/2 LB Ground Beef

Brown ground beef, drain. Line Dutch oven with 1 pkg. of Crescent rolls. Spread pizza sauce on dough. Add browned beef, the cheese and use second pkg. of rolls to form a top crust. Bake 30 minutes or more in medium hot covered grill.


Dough: 2 cups warm water

1 Tbsp sugar

1 packet yeast (approx. 1 Tbsp)

1 tsp. salt

6 cups all purpose flour

¼ cup olive oil

Filling:Your choice

Mix water, yeast and sugar and let bubble. Add salt, 2 cups flour, olive oil and mix. Add approximately 4 more cups of flour ½ cup at a time till you have workable dough. Let it rest. Divide into eighths. Flatten into pizza thin rounds on floured board. Put ¼ cup pizza filling of your choice on each round, fold over and seal. Bake in the middle of a very hot Californo mobile pizza oven for approximately 15 minutes. This is also good with chili beans and with curries.


This is the other recipe from the Cracker Barrel menu. They believe that this is a great way to finish off a great campfire meal. They melt real Hershey chocolate, mix in marshmallows and layer it between two graham crackers crusts. Then they top it with two scoops of their Vanilla Bean ice cream and hot fudge. You may use the basic recipe to do other things like roasting your marshmallows on a metal skewer and then placing them on unmelted chocolate squares that have been placed on a graham cracker. Let the hot marshmallow melt the chocolate and place another graham cracker on top.

Try the ideas out and let me know if you find some interesting results. Do not forget to visit the forums. You will find a lot of information there about Planking (Grilling on wood planks), The Mini Gas Stove, The Large Dutch Oven Stove and much more. I am told that the Flagler Beach Rotary Club may have a firm date for their BEACH, BLUES AND BARBECUE. As soon as I know for sure, I will make a special announcement about it.