Maximizing PPC Search Engine Marketing Results

Landing Page Optimization for PPC Advertising Success

Both internet marketing specialists and newbies can boost their pay-per-click search engine advertising conversion rates if landing page optimization tricks are employed.

So many online advertisers and internet marketing specialists focus their efforts on their pay-per-click advertisements that they fail to recognize the role that their landing pages play in terms of generating any desired action. This is one of the most common mistakes that online advertisers make. Those who are hoping to launch a pay-per-click search engine advertising campaign should realize that committing the same mistake can be quite costly not just in terms of money but also in terms of opportunities.

The Need to Convert Visitors from Pay-per-Click Advertisements

No matter what network is being used for pay-per-click search engine advertising, the intention of online advertisers and internet marketing specialists should be to attract targeted traffic to a SEO landing page, engage the web visitors, and get each of them to make a purchase, subscribe to an offer or mailing list, or perform any other action.

Upon entering a landing page, web visitors should know exactly what they are meant to do and they do it. They don’t end up confused, distracted, or much worse, uninterested. With this in mind, internet marketing specialists should concern themselves with landing page optimization. Failing to convert web visitors when they end up the advertiser’s means paying for clicks that internet advertisers will never gain results from.

Addressing Short Attention Spans Through Landing Page Optimization

Few people online like to read through long and winding texts. Internet marketing specialists and online advertisers can actually publish such texts on their pages to explain all the features and benefits of what they have to offer but they shouldn’t make that the first thing their visitors see upon clicking on pay-per-click advertisements.

For the purpose of landing page optimization, short bullet points should be used above the fold to highlight the most important messages to be communicated. Those bullet points should be powerful enough to capture the attention of web visitors, engage them, and encourage them to find out more by reading through the entire page. Also, all texts should be crafted in a way that they do not focus on offerings but on benefits web visitors can gain from them.

Another thing internet marketing specialists can do to address the short attention span of most people online is to post a short video. That short video should demonstrate what exactly is being offered and what web visitors can gain out of it. The video should be posted just beside the bulleted highlights. By doing this, internet advertisers will be more likely to gain their web visitors’ full attention and convert them into registrants or actual paying customers.

Additional Landing Page Optimization Tips

Publishing unrelated links like affiliate buttons and pay-per-click advertisements should be avoided. This landing page optimization strategy allows web visitors to focus their attention on the online business and what it has to offer. There should be one intended action in landing pages. Attempting to include additional revenue sources is not recommended.

Lastly, internet marketing specialists engaged in pay-per-click search engine advertising should make sure that their landing pages are designed well but not too fancily that they load too slowly. With landing pages, everything from the communication strategy to a website’s loading time can make the difference between a sale and a wasted click.

By following the landing page optimization tips above, internet advertisers can enjoy the benefits of maximum conversion rates from their PPC advertisements. They should keep in mind that success in pay-per-click search engine advertising is not limited to what appears in search engine results pages but also in where those advertisements lead.