Learn How to Make Easy Homemade Pizza


Many people are reluctant to make pizza at home. They are afraid that their pizza will not taste good, or think the task of making dough is too daunting, or don’t have enough time. Many times the issue is not whether the pizza tastes good or not, it is simply the convenience provided by home delivery.

Homemade pizza does not need to be difficult, and in fact, if you are one of the many people reluctant to make pizza at home, let me tell you that you can make easy homemade pizza that will taste great and be a hit to your friends and family.

Easy homemade pizza is possible for anyone if you follow a few key pizza basics. Actually, the difficulty that most people experience is from getting a little ambitious to begin with, complicating the process, and then dumping a bunch of toppings on top, and then wondering why they have a goopy mess. Goopy is a technical term that describes a pizza that went horribly wrong.

But not to fear, if you spend the time to learn the basics and become comfortable with them, then you can begin adding additional elements and enjoying easy homemade pizza. So, what are the basics to homemade pizza? There are 4 basic areas; technique, equipment, recipes, and ingredients. We can add a fifth element and that is practice.

Like all pizza chefs you will need to learn to mix dough, activate yeast, knead dough, and form your dough. While not overly complicated, each of these areas does require a bit of learning and practice to become proficient and master the basics of homemade pizza making.

It is also recommended that you make a small investment in some pizza equipment. You do not need a lot to begin with and can add additional equipment as your interest in making pizza grows, but some good basic equipment will improve the results of your pizza’s and give you confidence to make more. Basic equipment would include a proper brick pizza oven, a pizza peel, and a few pizza pans. Learning to use the equipment is not difficult and is fun to learn.

Probably the best advice is to start with basic pizza recipes. Taking on complex recipes in the beginning usually results in a goopy mess, and will take the fun out of your homemade pizza experience. For example, do not start with an elaborate pizza sauce that requires countless ingredients and hours and hours to prepare. Start simple. A basic pizza sauce needs only to include a handful of ingredients and takes less than 20 minutes to prepare. Use the same approach, simplicity, to the dough recipe and toppings you choose.

In fact, our advice is to only make cheese pizzas when you start out. Adding a pile of toppings makes the pizza more difficult to make, and adds variables to homemade pizza making that only complicates things. Start with a simple cheese pizza, learn the basics, and then expand the scope of your homemade pizza making.

Lastly, it is important that you practice your pizza making. Go into the process expecting some failures. Embrace the fact that not every pizza will turn out exactly as you like…this is true even if you have made pizza for 20 years, and learn from each experience.

Many people tell us that they are initially reluctant to begin making pizza at home, but then after giving it a try they are surprised at how easy homemade pizza making can be. Start with the basics, invest a little money in equipment, and practice, practice, practice. Before you know it you will be making homemade pizza that wows your friends and family.